30 May 2013 Grenoble (France)


The debate on gender role within organization is not brand new and the number of journal specialized in such an issue illustrates that point. However, the question of gender role within the innovation process has been restricted to the topic of female entrepreneurship.
The objectives are to explain the low rate of female entrepreneurs and to shed light on the differences across genders on the way males and females respectively manage their business. We propose, here, to enlarge this debate to the innovation process of the firm that remains underexplored.


More precisely, given the high impact innovation has on the performance of firms, this workshop aims at questioning the specific role of females (and males) within the innovation process and the creative process: legendary figures in innovation and entrepreneurship are mostly those of males.

  • Does this mean that female innovate less? Would females also take less part – or would be given less part – to the innovation process within any company? If no, how do they proceed?
  • Does their creativity differ from those of males? Would there be any “glass ceiling” of innovative ideas conducted by females?
  • Furthermore, since we know that females tend to adopt a more democratic decision making process by firms 
    can we consider that females also develop a more democratic innovation process?


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